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Fleet Admiral Nimitz's uniform restored

In a previous post, I pictured the 67 year old summer uniform of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz that we received for restoration.

Those 60+ photos reflected a uniform that was musty and moldy, yellow throughout, brown in various places, stiff as a board and heavily creased.

Despite appearances to the contrary (due to my poor photographic skills), we were able to transform this treasured World War II artifact to pristine whiteness.

The following series of photos reflect that transformation:

BEFORE -- Jacket & Trouser 

Before jacket 0667 Before trouser 0700

AFTER -- Jacket & Trouser

After jacket 1474 After trpuser 1464


AFTER -- Labels & Laundry Marks

After labels-laundry mark 1459
After labels-laundry mark 1461 After labels-laundry mark 1460
After labels-laundry mark 1462
After labels-laundry mark 1485


AFTER -- Jacket

After jacket 1474 After jacket 1489
After jacket 1475 After jacket 1490
After jacket 1476 After jacket 1491
After jacket 1477 After jacket 1492
After jacket 1478 After jacket 1493
After jacket 1481 After jacket 1482
After jacket 1479 After jacket 1480


AFTER -- Jacket (Inside)

After jacket inside 1484
After jacket inside 1485
After jacket inside 1486 After jacket inside 1487
After jacket inside 1488


AFTER  -- Trouser (Side Views)

After trouser side view 1464 After trouser side view 1469
After trouser side view 1465 After trouser side view 1470
After trouser side view 1466 After trouser side view 1471
After trouser side view 1468 After trouser side view 1472


AFTER -- Trouser (Front/Rear Views)

After trouser fr-rr 1450 After trouser fr-rr 1494
After trouser fr-rr 1451 After trouser fr-rr 1455
After trouser fr-rr 1452 After trouser fr-rr 1456
After trouser fr-rr 1453 After trouser fr-rr 1457


AFTER -- Trouser (Inside)

After Trouser inside 1463


BEFORE -- Hardware (Removed)

Before hardware removed 742
Before hardware removed 744
Before hardware removed 743


AFTER -- Hardware (Replaced)

Hardware replaced 1476
Before hardware replaced 1481 After hardware replaced 1482


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2 comment(s) for “Fleet Admiral Nimitz's uniform restored”
  1. Gravatar of Onofre di Stefano
    Onofre di Stefano Says:
    The work you have done with Admiral Nimitz' uniform is beyond belief, a miracle!

    Nimitz Middle School will have a formal ceremony and celebration to commemorate this historical artifact. Details to follow.

    The entire community will be delighted to see how you restored the uniform.

    Thank you on behalf of all involved with Nimitz Middle School.

    Onofre di Stefano
  2. Gravatar of Pete Brazil
    Pete Brazil Says:
    As a former student of CWN Junior High School 1984-85 (they weren't called "middle schools" back then), i was in the library reading up on naval history and remember always looking at the plexiglass display box that contained Admiral Nimitz's dress white uniform. It is still as vivid a memory to me as it was seeing the uniform recently on Rave's website. I am fortunate to see the uniform once again, in its refurbished condition. A great job to both Nimitz's Principal, Faculty, and to RaveFabricCare. You Honor an American Military legend, and have made me proud to have been a Nimitz Jr. High student. Thank You. Pete Brazil- former Maywood PD Officer.
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