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A recommendation that money can't buy

Will Boehlke

Will Boehlke is one of the leading arbiters of classic men's style in the USA. And around the world, for that matter. He is also a consultant, speaker and author of the widely-followed, award-winning blog, A Suitable Wardrobe. Every month 100,000+ devotees of fine men's garments look to Will for advice and guidance.

In yesterday's post, he comments that New Year's Eve at the San Francisco Symphony is one of the few occasions during the year when black tie is plentiful.

Apparently, everything was perfect except for his tuxedo shirt. According to the post, Will had sent his tuxedo shirt to a local cleaner in San Francisco and ... Well, I'll leave him to fill you in with the details ...

"My only regret was that I sent that particular dress shirt to a local cleaner and the cuffs came back creased. Sending things to Rave Fabricare in Scottsdale is a little more work but they press more carefully, folding softly and packing in a vacuum bag so that the cuffs and shirt-front are perfect. Picky men take note."

Thanks, Will. We couldn't have said it any better!

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