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Cleaning and restoring vintage Major League Baseball jackets (part 4 of 5)


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Ron Davis is a former Major League baseball pitcher who played one season for the San Francisco Giants in 1988. He wore jersey number 33.

Late last year, Ron rediscovered his New York Yankees equipment bag that had been in storage for almost 30 years. Amongst other things, the bag contained his 1988 San Francisco Giants jacket.

The problem was that rats had eaten through the equipment bag and nested in his jacket. As a result, the jacket was now covered in rat feces and rat urine.

The jacket was stained with rat feces and had a pungent odor.

RAVE FabriCARE was tasked with restoring this jacket to as close to original condition as possible.

  • We removed all the staining.
  • We eliminated the odor.

The results of this restoration are reflected in the before and after photos below:


SD before 1726 SF 1733
SF 1727 SF 1734
SF 1728 SF 1735
SF 1732
SF 1729



SF after 3849 SF after 3859
SF after 3850 SF after 3860
SF after 3851 SF after 3862
SF after 3863
SF after 3856 SF after 3865
SF after 3857
SF after 3852 SF after 3853
SF after 3855


Please note: any variation in the intensity of the black is the result of poor lighting.

Our next post, the last of this series, will feature Ron's New York Yankees equipment bag.

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