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Rescuing a dairy product-saturated suit used in a commercial

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Put This On, a widely-followed style blog focusing on classic men's garments and accessories, bills itself as a "Web series about dressing like a grown up".

According to Time News Feed, Put This On (PTO) features "high-end wares found at reasonable prices and provides easy-to-use guides on how men can make what they wear part of who they are. Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor employ a variety of methods - link aggregation, videos, narrative, Q&A's - to offer information to men who want to dress well ... without a lot of hassle and without being talked down to."

This past Tuesday, PTO launched the first episode of their Season 2 video series. That first episode, shot in New York City, was sponsored by Lifeway Kefir, a cultured, probiotic dairy product.

In the concluding segment of the first episode, Jesse pours 3 bottles of Lifeway Kefir all over his head, saturating a black pin striped Dolce & Gabbana suit in the process.

After shooting the web commercial, one question arose: what to do with the suit? Toss it or clean it?

Jesse decided to send it to RAVE FabriCARE in Scottsdale, Arizona for cleaning and restoration.

About a week and a half later it arrived wrapped in a plastic bag stuffed into a small cardboard box. Not only was the suit covered in kefir but it now displayed mold and fungus and emitted a foul odor - the result of a combination of non-refrigerated dairy product, heat and time.

We immediately went to work. Last week, we shipped the suit back to New York City - spotless, beautifully hand pressed and odor free.

The results of the transformation can be seen in the following before and after photos:

BEFORE - Suit Jacket (front and back)

kafir 4445 kafir 4481
kafir 4446 kafir 4484
kafir 4447 kafir 4486
kafir 4449 kafir 4487


BEFORE - Suit Jacket (inside)

kafir 4466
kafir 4457
kafir 4459 kafir 4461
kafir 4465


BEFORE - Suit Trouser (front and back)

kafir 4489 kafir 4498
kafir 4491 kafir 4499
kafir 4493 kafir 4501
kafir 4494 kafir 4503


BEFORE - Suit Trouser (inside)

kafir 4504
kafir 4505 kafir 4506


BEFORE - Mold and Fungus

kafir 4452 kafir 4471
kafir 4451 kafir 4456
kafir 4468
kafir 4454 kafir 4455
kafir 4474


Please note that any color variations in the photos below are the result of my unprofessional photography and lack of professional studio lighting.

AFTER - Suit Jacket (front and back)

kafir after 5568 kafir after 5570
kafir after 5573 kafir after 5571
kafir after 5574 kafir after 5572
kafir after 5575 kafir after 5576


AFTER - Suit Jacket (inside)

kafir after 5580
kafir after 5584
kafir after 5583
kafir after 5585


AFTER - Suit Trouser (front and back)

kafir after 5596 kafir after 5597
kafir after 5598 kafir after 5601
kafir after 5599 kafir after 5602
kafir after 5600 kafir after 5603


AFTER - Suit Trouser (side)

kafir after 5586 kafir after 5587
kafir after 5589
kafir after 5593
kafir after 5594


AFTER - Suit Trouser (inside)

kafir after 5609
kafir after 5606 kafir after 5607
kafir after 5611
kafir after 5613


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2 comment(s) for “Rescuing a dairy product-saturated suit used in a commercial”
  1. Gravatar of A. S.
    A. S. Says:
    do you have any high-res versions of the before shots? it would make a good ipad wallpaper
  2. Gravatar of Henry
    Henry Says:
    Whoa! The "fur" in the last couple of before shots, is some really nasty business! I hope you had a Haz-Mat suit for that.

    Fantastic work!
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