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Live in Switzerland. Dry clean in Arizona

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On a daily basis, we receive fine clothing for cleaning and restoration from all over the USA, Canada and Mexico.

A few weeks ago, we were surprised to receive a parcel from Zurich, Switzerland. The parcel contained two made-to-measure, 3 roll 2.5 Isaia suits.

In an enclosed letter, our new client explained that he simply couldn't find a "good cleaner" in Zurich that he could trust with his finer garments.

He further explained that he saw nothing wrong with sending his finer garments to Arizona for cleaning as his favorite clothier was also located outside of Switzerland -- in Martina Franca in the south east of Italy.

The take away from this story is simply this: if you own fine garments and you live in the Phoenix metro area (or anywhere else in the USA for that matter), what's your excuse for not using RAVE FabriCARE?

Here are some photos of one of those Isaia suits:

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