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Fixing a DIY cleaning of a leather handbag

The array of leather and suede cleaning products available on-line is extensive. Apparently, there is a "specialized cleaning product" available for every conceivable combination of type of skin and stain.


So we were not surprised when a new client brought in a relatively new Tory Burch brown leather handbag that she had attempted to clean using one of these products.

The DIY results were disastrous.

So the question was quite simply this: could the handbag be recleaned and restored to "usable condition"?

About two weeks later we called our client to inform her that her Tory Burch handbag was ready for pickup. Her response went something like this: That's great but do you think I can still use it?

We informed her that only she could answer that question after she had an opportunity to examine the results of our work.

About two hours later our client left our facility with a broad smile on her face.

The before and after photos reflect the transformation achieved by our full time, on-premises handbag and purse cleaner:


Burch before 4547 Burch before 4545
Burch before 4548 Burch before 4540
Burch before 4549



Burch after 5304 Burch after 5306
Burch after 5305 Burch after 5307
Burch after 5308
Burch after 5309 Burch after 5310
Burch after 5312 Burch after 5315
Burch after 5313
Burch after 5316

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    Jovan Says:
    Yikes! She should send the bill to whoever invented that cleaning product! She paid for their "miracle product" after all. Fair's fair.
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