10 reasons why cleaners can't clean your shirt collars and cuffs

Ever wondered why the collars and cuffs of your white shirts and the white collars and cuffs of your colored shirts look dingy and yellow?

Especially after they have been “professionally laundered”?

Consider these 10 reasons:

  1. The cleaner just doesn’t care (despite his vigorous protestations to the contrary).
  2. The cleaner is satisfied with good enough.
  3. The cleaner doesn’t have the skills.
  4. The cleaner isn’t prepared to invest the time.
  5. The cleaner is afraid to charge for his skills and time (assuming he has the skills and the time in the first place).
  6. The cleaner routinely offers same and next day service.
  7. The cleaner routinely offers 3 day pickup and delivery service.
  8. The cleaner's customers are satisfied with good enough.
  9. The cleaner's customers believe that’s “just the way cleaners do things.”

10. The cleaner's customers don’t have knowledge of the cleaners actual and alleged processes and, as a result, don’t have the ammunition necessary to hold the cleaner accountable.