True Quality Cleaning: Quality of product vs service and conveniences

If you walked into any ordinary cleaner and asked about their quality standards, you’ll probably hear all about the quality of their “service” and the quality of their “conveniences”.

Specifically, you’d learn all about their

  • Inviting customer service environment
  • Friendly, enthusiastic and courteous service representative(s)
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Service that will exceed your expectations
  • Empathy with your concerns
  • Speedy handling of customer issues and problems
  • Value for the money you spend
  • Dedication to having your clothing ready on time
  • Computer record of all your transactions
  • Barcodes heat sealed or glued onto your garments to “track your garments through the system”
  • Satellite GPS system to track your delivery orders
  • Reusable garment bags
  • Hanger recycling program
  • Community involvement
  • Business owner/management involvement.

Now consider this...

All these touted service and convenience issues have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the QUALITY of the product they deliver to you.

You’ll hardly ever hear anything about their processes and craftsmanship.

By contrast, a true quality cleaner will focus their discussion primarily on process and craftsmanship and explain how that combination of process and craftsmanship impacts the quality of the product.

You’ll hardly hear anything about the quality of their “service” or the quality of their “conveniences”.

After all, what’s the value of all the service and conveniences if the quality of the product delivered is poor to mediocre?

What's the value of a restaurant server's greetings, smiles and banter if the food delivered by the restaurant's kitchen is poorly presented and inedible?