Why your dry cleaner's folded shirts look like a rumpled mess

Ever wonder why your folded shirts look like a rumpled mess when you unpack the shirt?

Here’s the short answer:

  • Because they’ve been machine pressed
  • Because they’ve been machine folded
  • Because they’ve been stuffed into a thin poly bag.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we call this the “slept in” look.

It’s a look that’s available at over 26,000 dry cleaners throughout the USA.

We’d submit that dry cleaners and shirt laundries machine fold your shirts for one reason only: they just don’t care enough to carefully hand fold them. Just like you would do at home if you were preparing for a business trip or personal vacation.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we do things differently:

  • We fold your shirt - carefully - in half.

    Not in thirds, like the vast majority of cleaners.

  • We fold by hand.

    Never by machine, like all other cleaners.

  • We cushion the folds with sheets of unbuffered, acid-free tissue.

    Not with no tissue or regular tissue, like all other cleaners.

  • We support the body and collar with a thick shirt board and plastic collar band.

    Not with some flimsy card and no collar band, like the vast majority of cleaners.

  • We seal the shirt in a heavy gauge shirt bag with a “built in” cushion of air.

    Not in some thin, narrow shirt bag, like all other cleaners.

We also offer a “short fold” shirt tailored to the depth of your storage cabinetry. Just specify the maximum length of the poly bag and we’ll accommodate your needs. Same folding process; shorter poly bag.

So go ahead. Manhandle our folded shirts. Stuff ‘em in that suitcase.

You’ll find that the RAVE FabriCARE folded shirt travels beautifully. With practically no wrinkles or creases.

Fact is, our folded shirts will arrive at your home or your final travel destination in far better condition than the shirts on hangers you might have personally carried by hand.

And if you’re traveling, our folded shirts are a time, money and frustration saver. Upon arrival at your destination, there’ll be no need to send your shirts to the "hotel valet" for “pressing”.

You'll save on time and valet charges. And importantly, you'll eliminate the frustration associated with "hotel work". Except for a handful of luxury hotels -- worldwide -- "hotel work" is generally regarded as the lowest level of quality work available.

Don't accept your dry cleaner's excuses

By the way, if you ask your dry cleaner to hand fold your shirts and they continue to machine fold your shirts, don’t let them off the hook with answers such as:

  • “We’ve always done it that way”
  • “All cleaners do it this way”
  • “We don’t have the time to hand fold”
  • “We’d have to raise our prices if we hand folded”
  • “No customers have ever complained”.

You have rights to a gently cleaned, spectacularly bright, perfectly hand ironed, non-wrinkled folded shirt.

Exercise those rights.