Boot Bag

Boot Bag

Packed: 4 in a pack. Size: 20” high x 18” wide with white nylon drawstring. Other properties: 90 gram man-made fiber; no window. Suitable for: one pair of ladies boots or UGGS
$ 16.00 USD

RAVE FabriCARE offers storage bags for sweaters, suits, sport coats and blazers, short and long dresses and coats, evening gowns, bridal gowns, handbags, purses, shoes and boots.

All our storage bags have the following properties....

  • Soft, cotton-like, polypropylene man-made fiber
  • Clear, 3 mil PVC window to identify garments (no window on bridal gown bags, handbag bags, shoe bags and boot bags)
  • Opaque white color with matching white trim along the edges
  • Grommeted opening for the neck of the hanger (no opening on sweater bags, handbag bags, shoe bags and boot bags)
  • Breathable with air inlet holes measuring 9 microns
  • Acid free and BPA free
  • RAVE FabriCARE logo printed on the front in gold
  • Same type of bags used by fine department stores, clothing and bridal boutiques

And the following benefits....

  • Perfect for short or long term closet storage (not suitable for travel; nylon and vinyl storage bags offer superior, rugged, short term protection for travel)
  • Protects against soil and dust
  • Protects against light, fading and yellowing
  • Protects against insects such as moths, crickets, carpet beetles and silverfish
  • Color fast (will not bleed to water like similar black, red, blue or green bags)
  • Machine washable on short, gentle cycle in front load washer; hang dries in minutes (please don't use detergents and/or fabric softeners).
  • Reasonably priced (compared to similarly-sized cotton, canvas, nylon, vinyl and plastic bags)

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