Dry Cleaning Fluid Purity

Dry Cleaning Fluid Purity
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Crystal clear dry cleaning fluid is critical

You’ve probably heard the notion that you should always ask your cleaner to clean all pieces of your white, cream and pastel outfits at the same time.

And that you should always ask your cleaner to clean your whites, creams and pastels in the very first load after they have “purified” or “distilled” their dry cleaning solvent, or after they have added “new” dry cleaning solvent to their dry cleaning machine.

The “rationale” for these misguided notions is that this might help ensure that your outfits have “consistent coloring” and that your “whites don’t turn grey.”

What a concept!

It’s like asking your doctor to scrub his hands and sterilize his surgical instruments prior to performing surgery. Shouldn’t he do this as a matter of routine before and after each and every procedure?

Of course, he should!

So why should your cleaner be any different? Shouldn’t your cleaner purify every single drop of his drycleaning solvent as a matter of routine before and after each and every load?

Of course, he should!

Truth is, very few ordinary cleaners purify every single drop of their dry cleaning solvent before and after each and every load.


Because it’s a time consuming and expensive proposition.

Fact is, that’s how the vast majority of ordinary cleaners operate. They use the same dry cleaning solvent over and over again. Without continuously purifying every single drop of their dry cleaning solvent before and after each load.

That’s just like washing your clothes in a home washer and reusing the same dirty water over and over again. Maybe adding a little detergent every now and again.

We’re different

At RAVE FabriCARE, we’re very different.

We both continuously purify and continuously filter our dry cleaning fluid. Every single drop.

As a result, each and every garment and household textile is cleaned in crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered dry cleaning fluid. As clear as bottled mountain spring water.

It’s your only guarantee against grayish and dingy whites, creams and pastels; dull and faded colors; and that all-to-familiar “dry cleaning solvent smell.”

It’s the difference between a black and white TV with mono sound and a high definition screen with surround sound.

The combination of continuous purification and continuous filtration is absolutely critical to achieving superior cleaning results.

Continuous purification is much like boiling your tap water at home to obtain pure water; continuous filtration is much like filtering your tap water to remove any additional impurities.

Continuous purification is time consuming and costly, but absolutely necessary.

That’s because inadequate or no purification results in the accumulation of soluble impurities such as bacteria, food oils, food fats, body oils, creams and lotions in the dry cleaning fluid. These impurities are then absorbed by the fibers of your garments and household textiles.

In particular, natural fibers, such as silk, wool, linen and cotton, absorb these impurities like a sponge absorbs liquid.

The result?

Grayish and dingy whites, creams and pastels. Dull and faded colors. And that all-too-familiar “dry cleaning solvent smell”.

We’re obsessive

By the way, those few ordinary cleaners who do claim to purify their dry cleaning solvent “on a regular basis”, typically purify a meager 18 gallons for every 100 pounds of garments cleaned. That’s the dry cleaning industry’s recommended “best practice”. Unfortunately, it’s a proverbial drop in the ocean.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we purify every drop!

Fact is, we’re so obsessive about dry cleaning fluid purity that we have our dry cleaning fluid checked for purity on a quarterly basis by an independent laboratory.

This obsession with dry cleaning fluid purity also explains why we don’t stop at just continuous purification.

Continuous filtration is also absolutely necessary.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we filter our fluids during each wash cycle to remove all insoluble impurities, such as sand, dander and hair, from the dry cleaning fluid. But, unlike ordinary cleaners, we use completely separate filter systems for light/intermediate colored garments and dark colored garments.

At RAVE FabriCARE, each load of garments is cleaned in crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered dry cleaning fluid. Not only that, but we use crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered fluid for each of the two wash cycles in each load.

So if your whites, creams and pastels come back grayish or dingy, if your colors come back dull or faded, or if your clothes come back with that all-to-familiar “dry cleaning solvent smell,” maybe it’s time to change outfits. Dry cleaning outfits.

Continuous purification and continuous filtration of dry cleaning fluids is absolutely critical to achieving superior cleaning results. Because cleaning your garments in dry cleaning fluid that is not both continuously purified and continuously filtered is just like washing your clothes in the effluent from your dishwasher.

Take the RAVE FabriCARE smell test

At RAVE FabriCARE, we invite you to visit our fabricare facility and to conduct your very own experiment: Stick your head into any one of our dry cleaning machines. Inhale through your nose. Deeply.

We challenge you to detect any odor.

Now comes the clincher.

Go to any cleaner in the Valley that cleans in perchlorethylene, synthetic petroleum or formaldehyde dibutyl acetal and ask them for permission to repeat the test. Without the aid of a teratogenic respirator! (That’s a respirator custom made to fit the contour of your face.)

Then carefully observe their reaction to your request. It’ll speak volumes.

And, we bet, it won’t pass the smell test.

"I have a white cotton dry clean only top that I absolutely LOVE and it got VERY dingy and yellowed since it's over 10 years old. I did a google search and found a blog post on Rave's website about how "regular" dry cleaners clean your clothes in “dirty” fluid. One would actually think that dry cleaners "clean" your clothes in fresh, purified fluid each time? NO! People's sweat, bacteria, dirt, body oils, are all in the dry cleaning fluid. It makes total sense to me why a white cotton top would appear dingy and not bright white over time. I contacted Rave and emailed with Stu. He responded within minutes. I filled out the intake form for my garment, and sent it to him the next day with the shirt. Within 2 weeks, my top came back to me SPARKLING WHITE and looking literally BRAND NEW!!!!! I was dumbfounded. It was only $30 but worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I will entrust Stu/Rave for all of my fine dry clean only garments that are expensive or delicate. I am NEVER using a regular dry cleaner again for very important expensive items. It's worth the extra expense for sure! Thanks Stu!"
Kim OC
Internationally Recognized Dry Cleaner
RAVE FabriCARE is a nationally recognized leader in true quality care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories. And the only dry cleaner in Arizona recognized as one of the nation’s premier dry cleaners by non-compensated, independent, authoritative third parties.