Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning
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What you get

When it comes to caring for your wardrobe, you can trust RAVE FabriCARE to deliver extraordinary care for all your fine garments, household textiles and accessories. Every item. Every order.

And we can do this (in most cases) even if your garments, household textiles and accessories have been contaminated by fire, smoke, soot, water, mold, mildew and/or humidity as a result of a fire or flood.

Specifically, you can trust RAVE FabriCARE for

  • Garments that are exceptionally clean.
  • Spectacularly bright whites, creams and pastels (particularly if they’ve always been cleaned at RAVE FabriCARE).
  • Colors that are rich and lustrous, without that “washed out”, faded look (particularly if they’ve always been cleaned at RAVE FabriCARE).
  • Renewed, revitalized fabric textures.
  • The softest, silkiest fabric feel, even on heavy cotton sweaters.
  • Garments that are meticulously finished. Inside and out. By hand. Not by machine.
  • Garments that are carefully and thoroughly inspected. From top to bottom. From inside to outside.
  • Garments that are individually and elegantly packaged.
  • And, of course, absolutely no dry cleaning solvent smell. Or fragrance or perfume smell. Ever.

For a wardrobe that consistently looks, feels and smells great, and lasts much longer, you can make no smarter choice than RAVE FabriCARE.

What we do

You have a substantial investment in a quality wardrobe or in a few prized garments. Your garments say a lot about you, and the way they’re cared for says a lot about us. Your garments deserve the uncompromising attention to detail and extraordinary care that RAVE FabriCARE can provide.

Specifically, you can count on RAVE FabriCARE for technical skill and expertise in 12 areas that’s unmatched anywhere in Arizona and by few in the USA.

  • Garment preparation
  • Identification, inspection and preparation for cleaning.
  • Professional stain removal
  • Exceptional stain removal and garment restoration skills.
  • Proprietary dry cleaning fluid
  • An odorless, dermatologically friendly, fabric-gentle, non-dye stripping dry cleaning fluid that’s   used by fewer than 3% of all cleaners.
  • Dry cleaning fluid purity
  • Crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered dry cleaning fluid. As clear as bottled mountain spring water.
  • Sanitone ®  dry cleaning chemistry
  • Top-of-the-line Sanitone dry cleaning fluid additives.
  • Zero moisture
  • No moisture added or injected into our dry cleaning machines. Ever.
  • Zero fragrance or perfume
  • No fragrance or perfume added or injected into our dry cleaning machines. Ever.
  • Zero sizing
  • No sizing added or injected into our dry cleaning machines. Ever. If sizing is a personal preference, we’ll apply sizing only when the garment is being hand finished.
  • Operational excellence
  • Accurate color and fragility classifications, lighter loads, zero moisture, longer cleaning cycles and lower drying temperatures.
  • Meticulous garment finishing
  • Old fashioned finishing craftsmanship. Inside and out. By hand. Not by machine.
  • Personalized inspections
  • Careful, thorough inspections. From top to bottom. From inside to outside.
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Individual and elegant packaging.

Garment preparation

Garments entering any dry cleaning facility must be uniquely identified so that ownership of every garment is clear. All cleaners do this in some fashion or another.

Hopefully, the identification method used is temporary and does not involve gluing or heat sealing a bar code onto any of your garments as if they were some uniform or rental garment.

At the overwhelming majority of cleaners, your garments are now dispatched for “cleaning”.

What should happen, instead, is that every garment should be carefully reviewed – inside and out – for issues that are unique to that particular garment – given it’s fabric, color, trims, soil and staining, overall condition and age.

And what about buttons, zippers, hardware, trims and other embellishments?

All buttons that could possibly chip, crack or scratch should be removed prior to cleaning and replaced after cleaning and hand ironing. And all zippers and every piece of hardware (irrespective of their number) that could potentially be damaged in the cleaning process should be individually protected by a custom-made, cushioned, protective cover.

Is there any other way?

Professional stain removal

At RAVE FabriCARE, we perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures on every garment.

Often using a multi-stage process, involving dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing and/or restoration techniques, to protect your investment.

Even if that means taking the time to treat the same garment multiple times until the stain has been removed or minimized (some stains can never be completely removed, only minimized).

Contrast this to the vast majority of ordinary cleaners where the stain removal process is skipped entirely. Where their “stain removal technician” merely loads and unloads a machine. Where they hope the stains will miraculously disappear. And where even simple stains receive one of those sorry-we-tried-but-we-couldn’t tags.

Proprietary dry cleaning fluid

At RAVE FabriCARE, we use a proprietary dry cleaning fluid that’s used by fewer than 3% of all cleaners. It’s:

  • completely odorless.
  • dermatologically friendly.
  • extremely gentle. So gentle it’s used as a base ingredient in many personal care products you apply to your skin on a daily basis. So gentle you can wash your face and hands in it.
  • chemically inert. Which means that our dry cleaning fluid won’t “bleed” or “fade” your colors like other dry cleaning solvents.
  • imparts no dry cleaning solvent smell. Ever. No fragrance or perfume smell. Ever.

Odorless. Dermatologically friendly. Extremely gentle. Chemically inert. Fragrance and perfume free.

Just five reasons why our dry cleaning fluid is perfectly compatible with the delicate nature of bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments. As well as your fine business and casual apparel.

Think of our proprietary dry cleaning fluid as life insurance for your fine garments and household textiles.

Dry cleaning fluid purity

We both continuously purify (or “distill”) and continuously filter our dry cleaning fluid. Every single drop. As a result every garment is cleaned in crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered dry cleaning fluid. As clear as bottled mountain spring water.

It’s your only guarantee against greyish and dingy whites, creams and pastels; dull and faded colors; and that all-to-familiar “dry cleaning solvent smell.”

It’s the difference between a black and white TV with mono sound and a high definition screen with surround sound.

Truth is, very few ordinary cleaners continuously purify every single drop of their dry cleaning solvent before and after each load. And filter every single drop of their dry cleaning solvent during each load. Nonetheless, that won’t stop them from claiming that their dry cleaning solvent is “clean and pure.”

Not continuously purifying every single drop of dry cleaning solvent before and after each load and not filtering every single drop of dry cleaning solvent during each load is just like washing your clothes in a home washer and reusing the same dirty water over and over again.

Sanitone® dry cleaning chemistry

At RAVE FabriCARE, we only use top-of-the-line Sanitone dry cleaning fluid detergents.

Recognized internationally, Sanitone is the only dry cleaning fluid detergent specifically recommended by leading designers and custom clothiers to restore and revitalize the color and texture of their fashions.

By contrast, most ordinary cleaners use the cheapest dry cleaning solvent detergents. And when the pressure on costs increases, many eliminate detergents completely.

Cleaning your garments in our fabric gentle dry cleaning fluid with Sanitone detergents is just like washing your hair in soft, purified water with a fine salon shampoo and conditioner.

Zero moisture

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we never add or inject moisture into our dry cleaning machines.

Ordinary cleaners rationalize the addition or injection of moisture into their dry cleaning machines like this …

We know we need dry cleaning solvent to emulsify or dissolve oil-based stains such as butter, salad dressing, steak juice and body oils.

And we know we need moisture to remove water-based stains such as soda, juice, champagne and perspiration.

So why don’t we just add or inject moisture into our dry cleaning machine during the “wash” cycle. This way we’ll kill two birds with one stone: the dry cleaning solvent will “take care of the oil-based stains: and the moisture will “take care of the water-based stains”.

Voila! Problem solved. With absolutely no investment of time, effort or skill. And absolutely no impact on their sacred in-by-9:00-out-by-5:00, picked-up-on-day-1-delivered-on-day-3 “production system”.

Unfortunately for ordinary cleaners, adding or injecting moisture has consequences:

First, it just doesn’t work as expected (which is why, for example, your “professionally cleaned” garments still smell of perspiration).

Second, it’s reckless (which is why, for example, your fine wools shrink and the water-soluble dyes on your “dry clean only” garments bleed).

Zero fragrance or perfume

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we never use fragrance or perfume to “disguise” or “neutralize” the odor associated with cleaning in dry cleaning fluid that has not been continuously purified.

And the reason?

We clean in dry cleaning fluid that’s crystal clear. As clear as bottled mountain spring water.

Pure dry cleaning fluid means zero odor.

And zero odor means no need for fragrance or perfume.

Zero sizing

Sizing is to dry cleaning what starch is to shirt laundry.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we never add or inject sizing into our dry cleaning machines.

This way your fine wools and silks won’t feel and drape like cardboard.

At RAVE FabriCARE, sizing is applied – by a skilled finisher – during the hand finishing stage only – to cottons and linens only. And only according to your stated personal preference.

Operational excellence

At RAVE FabriCARE, you can count on accurate color and fragility classifications, lighter loads, zero moisture, longer cleaning cycles and lower drying temperatures.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we don’t mix garments of different colors. We don’t mix regular and fragile garments. We don’t overload our machines. We don’t add or inject moisture into our loads (a reckless undertaking). We don’t reduce our “wash” cycle times. And we don’t increase our “dry” cycle temperatures.

All of which produces the fastest, cheapest – and worst – dry cleaning.

What ordinary cleaners call “exceptional” or “award winning” cleaning.

What the dry cleaning industry experts call “bang and hang cleaning.”

And what we call “ordinary cleaning.”

Meticulous finishing

The highest standards of garment finishing can tolerate no compromises or shortcuts.

Which is why our skilled garment finishers delicately hand finish every garment. Both inside and out. The old-fashioned way. Using a hand iron. No matter how long it might take.

It goes without saying that, at RAVE FabriCARE, you won’t find those common “bang and hang” machine pressing practices typically found at ordinary cleaners: shine; seam, flap and button impressions; moire-like press pad impressions; double creases; wrinkled seams and linings; and other “crimes of fashion”.

Pressing” and/or “steaming“, as practiced by ordinary cleaners, is such a poor descriptor of the art of finishing.

Of course, a skilled finisher must know how to apply pressure to achieve a smooth finish on a linen or cotton. But a smooth, soft, hand finish, that minimizes the possibility of shine or seam, flap and button impressions, best defines the finest professional finishing.

One more point: Steaming is NOT hand pressing or hand finishing. Visit the website of any dry cleaner with a promotional video and you're likely to see a shot of a "presser" holding a steam iron and "squirting" steam onto a garment. The shot is visually appealing and creates the perception that "something important must be happening".

At RAVE FabriCARE, we tell clients that steam is evil.

Here's why....

The idea that "steaming" is equivalent to "pressing" is nonsense. If the sole input required for fine garment finishing is steam, the only requirement for "pressing" a garment would be steam from the shower head in a bathroom.

Fact is, steam should be used solely to relax the fibers of the garment. To achieve a smooth, soft finish, a skilled presser will use steam from a hand iron to relax the fibers and, simultaneously, use vacuum (that's built into a press) to extract the moisture imparted by the steam from the hand iron.

It's the combination of steam and vacuum that creates a smooth, soft finish.

A skilled hand finisher will use steam and vacuum; an unskilled presser will squirt steam at every garment they handle.

Personalized inspections

At RAVE FabriCARE, our full-time, trained inspectors are uncompromising in their attention to detail.

They carefully and thoroughly examine every garment and household textile – from top to bottom –  from inside to outside – to ensure that our highest quality standards have been met. Including stain removal, cleaning, finishing and repairs (buttons, snaps, hooks, eyes, shoulder pads, seams, hems, zippers, etc.).

They also make sure that we’ve addressed all your personal preferences and special instructions.

Exquisite packaging

At RAVE FabriCARE, your garments are individually and elegantly packaged using premium materials such as heavy duty, wide clip and contoured hangers; breathable sweater bags; soft, white, acid-free tissue; and extra-wide, heavy gauge poly.

Individual packaging, using premium materials, ensures that your garments and household textiles are protected during transportation and short-term storage. And that they are ready to be worn or used –  without having to be refinished by you.

At home or on the road.

Summary – brief overview

There you have it.

A brief summary of what sets us apart from ordinary cleaners.

It’s why we always tell our clients that there’s practically nothing we do on a daily basis that an ordinary cleaner would ever consider doing. And there’s practically nothing an ordinary cleaner does on a daily basis that we would ever consider doing.

Think of RAVE FabriCARE as a support group for your fine garments and household textiles.

"I purchased an Oxxford jacket secondhand. When it arrived, I briefly wondered if it was a fake because the "Super 100s" wool was stiff and made slight crinkling noises when I moved. I emailed Rave, and Stu responded within an hour with some articles he'd written about how most dry cleaners mistreat your garments. I sent the jacket to Rave with an intake form, and a few days later, they emailed me an estimate. When the jacket came back, it was like a whole different garment. The fabric was soft, it draped nicely, and it felt like the high-quality jacket that the tag says. The return shipment was packaged with attention to detail, so the jacket was "hanging" in a box so it wouldn't wrinkle after the hand-pressing. My favorite detail: the dry cleaner that abused my jacket had glued in a barcode tag. Rave removed the tag, so my jacket can stop having nightmares about its previous mistreatment. This review has no pictures because it's hard to capture what stiff fabric looks like, and the results of Rave's work are all in how it feels. After what they did for my jacket, I believe all the other 5-star reviews - they must have a staff of magicians!"
Matthew Gast
Internationally Recognized Dry Cleaner
RAVE FabriCARE is a nationally recognized leader in true quality care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories. And the only dry cleaner in Arizona recognized as one of the nation’s premier dry cleaners by non-compensated, independent, authoritative third parties.