Sanitone® Dry Cleaning Chemistry

Sanitone® Dry Cleaning Chemistry
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The brand of dry cleaning detergent matters

Safe, effective dry cleaning not only requires odorless, fabric gentle, chemically inert, crystal clear, freshly purified and freshly filtered dry cleaning fluid. It also requires top-of-the-line dry cleaning fluid detergents.

Dry cleaning fluid detergent is injected into the dry cleaning machine during the wash cycle. In much the same way you add detergent into your home washer.

There are many home washer detergents on the market: some premium priced, some inexpensive; some effective, some ineffective; some branded, some generic.

Same with dry cleaning fluid detergents.

We use Sanitone detergents

At RAVE FabriCARE, we only use Sanitone dry cleaning fluid detergents.

Recognized internationally, Sanitone is the only dry cleaning fluid detergent specifically recommended by leading designers and custom clothiers to restore and revitalize the color and texture of their fashions.

By contrast, most ordinary cleaners use the cheapest dry cleaning solvent detergents possible. And when the pressure on costs increases, they eliminate detergents completely.

Only Sanitone-licensed dry cleaners can use Sanitone products. RAVE FabriCARE has been a Sanitone   licensee for over 35 years.

Cleaning your garments and household textiles in our fabric gentle dry cleaning fluid with Sanitone detergent additives is just like washing your hair in soft, purified water with a fine salon shampoo and conditioner.

"They definitely deserve way more stars than just 5 stars. This is my third time using Rave Fabricare now. I am based in Toronto and no dry cleaner here comes even close to Rave Fabricare regarding care and service. If you have a descent made-to-measure suit or shirt that you adore, don’t trust your local dry cleaners: they use cheap chemicals, staple and glue labels, damage your garments and don’t put in any effort. My shirts and suits seem like they have never been worn before every time I get them back from Rave Fabricare. Stu is amazing, friendly, responds fast and gives updates. He has a talented team and he is a true master of his trade. He never cuts corners. I will always only choose them even if I am not in North America !
Ramtin Etamadifar
Internationally Recognized Dry Cleaner
RAVE FabriCARE is a nationally recognized leader in true quality care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories. And the only dry cleaner in Arizona recognized as one of the nation’s premier dry cleaners by non-compensated, independent, authoritative third parties.