Position Papers

Position Papers
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4 types of dry cleaners: Which profile fits your local dry cleaner?

Dry cleaner endorsements & awards: Does your dry cleaner pay to play?

The shocking world of ordinary dry cleaning and shirt laundry

If true quality cleaning was all about speed, we'd all be dining at Dennys

The 10 deadly sins of ordinary, bang and hang dry cleaners

The myth of 3 levels of dry cleaning and shirt laundry quality

Does your dry cleaner substitute glitz for true quality cleaning?

True Quality Cleaning: The difference between a dry cleaner and a fabricare specialist

7 considerations before choosing a true quality cleaner

Pieces Per Hour: The curse of true quality cleaning

True Quality Cleaning: Quality of product vs service and conveniences

Dry cleaning & laundry services: Are you getting what you paid for?

Dry cleaning services: What cleaners say they do vs. what they actually do

Does your dry cleaner settle for good enough?

True Quality Cleaning: The case against quick turnaround

Dry cleaner gobbledygook: How to separate the wheat from the chaff

What does you dry cleaner stand for? Something? Or nothing at all?

The ordinary dry cleaner's mantra: We are not responsible

Shirts and blouses: Dry clean or launder?

Spot cleaning fine garments: The myths debunked

Stain and spills on fine garments: 4 do's and (mostly) don'ts

Dry cleaner barcodes on fine garments: Hop on the roller coaster

How to protect your fine wools against damage by moth larvae

Cedar: The pros and cons of protecting your fine wools with cedar

21 reasons NOT to choose a true quality cleaner (short version)

21 reasons NOT to choose a true quality cleaner (extended version)

Garment hangers: The importance of hangers in garment care

At home dry cleaning products: Actual dry cleaning? Don't believe a word!

Dry Cleaning

Those stains weren't there before dry cleaning! What's going on?

Your dry cleaning bill of rights: Exercise those rights!

Why would you pay $50 to $65 for a $15 to $25 dry cleaned suit?

Does your dry cleaner no-spot, pre-spot or post-spot?

Dry cleaning solvents and fluids: An introductory guide

Are your fine garments being cleaned in toxic solvents? Pick your poison.

Organic dry cleaning: It's a hoax, a fraud and a scam

Garment care or green care? You don't have to settle for one or the other.

Why your garments smell of "dry cleaning solvent" after dry cleaning

Why your whites, creams & pastels look dingy and gray after dry cleaning

Why your dry cleaned cottons and linens feel stiff and crusty

Why your dry cleaned garments still smell of perspiration after dry cleaning

Why cotton & linen garments feel and smell washed after dry cleaning

Why wools, silks, cottons & linens feel stiff and crusty after dry cleaning

Why your dark colored garments look dull and faded after dry cleaning

Steaming fine garments: Steam is evil (when indiscriminately applied)

Poor pressing can permanently damage your fine garments

Shiny Suit Syndrome: Researchers discover the cause of and cure for SSS

Corozo nut buttons: Does your dry cleaner play Russian Roulette with your fine garments?

Garment dyeing: Don't waste your time or your money

Shirt Laundry

Your shirt laundry bill of rights: Exercise those rights!

Why would you pay $10 to $20 for a $2 to $4 laundered shirt?

10 reasons why cleaners can't clean your shirt collars and cuffs

Why your shirt laundry's lightly starched shirts feel so stiff

Who gave you permission to crease the sleeves of my shirts?

Why you're re-ironing your "laundered and pressed" shirts at home?

Why your dry cleaner's folded shirts look like a rumpled mess

Internationally Recognized Dry Cleaner
RAVE FabriCARE is a leader in true quality care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories. We are the only dry cleaner in Arizona recognized as one of the nation’s premier dry cleaners by non-compensated, independent, authoritative third parties.